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We are ready! Let the Global Dreiländergiro begin!

From June 26 to June 27 you have time to ride your individual Dreiländergiro!

Upload GPX file & photo:
possible from 26th of June 4 pm until 27th of June 11:59pm.
The GPX files of all common cycling computers and tracking apps are accepted for the upload. The photo upload is optional - it should be a picture of you during/after your Global Dreiländergiro

Minimum distance:
Your individual track is either the original distance or a converted route that meets the requirements of the Dreiländergiro ( >> to the Track-Calculator).
We have a small tolerance range for everyone, so that no one is eliminated because of a few missing (altitude) meters.


You can participate between Saturday 26.06. and Sunday 27.06.

The route of your individual Dreiländergiro should correspond to the original distance of your chosen track (Stelvio Vinschgau: 120 km | 3000 Hm; Stelvio Engadin: 168 km | 3300 Hm). If, for example, the terrain at your home allows less vertical meters, you can compensate for this by riding more kilometers. You can calculate how many kilometres you have to cover with our converter.

Tip: The evaluation of your GPX data varies depending on the software. Therefore it is possible that your bike computer shows more or less kilometers than our system calculates. Therefore, play it safe and better ride a little too far than too short. In our experience, the deviations depending on the device are up to a maximum of 8km. Don't worry if you end up cycling and recording "too many" kilometres. Our evaluation system cuts your GPX file at the point where you have reached the requirements of the three-country giro route according to our conversion system. Also take into account that the recording of your bike computer may differ from the kilometer data of your planning and choose a route where you can add a few more kilometers at the end if you have not yet reached your destination.

Info about the original route: The organizers expressly advise against participation on the original route, as this can lead to crowds of people. In case too many participants want to participate on the original routes, the organizer reserves the right to exclude them from the evaluation.



You can upload your GPX file from Saturday, 26.06. 4 pm until Sunday 11:59 pm. >> Click here for direct upload

Here's what you need for your upload:

  • The GPX file of your individual Dreiländergiro ride
  • Your bib number (you will find it on your ticket and in our last mail)
  • A photo of your Global Dreiländergiro (optional)

After your upload you will receive a confirmation email.

Your GPX file is processed by our software. At the point where you have reached the requirements of the Dreiländergiro track according to our conversion system, your GPX file is truncated and your time will be taken at that point.

Shortly after you have uploaded your data, you will appear on the results list of the Global Dreiländergiro. There you can also download your well-deserved certificate.

The ranking will be arranged according to the finisher times. The results are clustered according to the distance (distance Stelvio Engadin; distance Stelvio Vinschgau) and gender. There are no age categories. At the Global Dreiländergiro 2021 the ranks won't be shown. Since we cannot check your individual rides and there is no official timekeeping, it would not be fair to assign ranks.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there can be differences between the different software. You may have noticed this already, if your Strava app shows different values than those shown on your bike computer. In other words, it is possible that your bike computer shows more or less kilometres than we evaluate. In order to be included in the evaluation, it is advisable to extend your ride for at least t more km. You can do it!


If you do not cover the full distance according to our conversion system, you can still upload your GPX file. If you have registered for the distance "Stelvio Engadin" and you didn't cover enough kilometres/ vertical meters, you will automatically be transferred to the distance "Stelvio Vinschgau". If your track is not sufficient for this shorter distance either, you will be listed in the results list under "Only part of the route completed". You will be listed in the results list in the category "not finished, but participated with heart and soul". You will also receive a " Finisher Photo", however, you won’t find the symbol of the Dreiländergiro-Cup on it as it is a sign for all finishers.

The photo upload is optional for you. If you upload a photo you will get your very personal 'Finisher Photo'. To help you take your ideal picture, here is a preview of what your 'Finisher Photo' will look like at the end. Parts of your picture that are outside the image area will be cut off if necessary. The trophy in the upper left corner is a symbol that you have finished! Participants, who unfortunately could only complete part of the distance, will receive their finisher photo, but the cup will of course not be found there. ?


Please note, that when you registered, you agreed that the uploaded images may be published on the Dreiländergiro website and the social media channels. You can revoke this consent at any time by sending us an e-mail.