Information for participants

All information about your participation

Do you want to be at Dreiländergiro 2022? Then you need to be quick - a maximum of 1,500 participants per route can register for the Dreiländergiro experience.   Registration starts on the 16th of August.

Follow the link here for registration. Click on the register button at the route of your choice and you will be redirected to the site of your ticketing partner - ntry. There, you may complete your registration and pay the entry fee by online-transfer, credit card or normal bank transfer. Should you wish to pay the entry fee by deposit at your bank, please be sure to state the reference number that you will receive by email.

Entry fee: The amount varies according to booking conditions.   

Early booker-Ticket: 79€ 
Standard-Ticket: 85€ 
Last-Minute-Ticket: 90€ 

For each category, we have an allocation of 500 tickets per route. When you book, you willl automatically be shown the cheapest available selection. All amounts exclude a service fee of 2,90€.


Your starting number will be sent to you in advanc by e-mail. Please make a note of it and bring it along with your ticket and an identification document when you pick up your starting number in Nauders.

The starting number distribution is located on the left side of the marquee and is open during the event at the following times:

SATURDAY 09:00 - 21:00 Uhr 
SUNDAY 05:00 - 06:00 Uhr

The start of the race is at 06:30, regardless of whether you are taking part on the Stelvio Engadin or the Stelvio Vinschgau route. The same starting time applies to both routes.

Access to the start, for the first, second and third starting block, is also possible from the main road. If you are not in any of these three starting blocks, access to the start is only possible from the village centre. Please keep in mind that you cannot access the start from the main road! Access routes are controlled and, therefore, no pass-through is possible.

1st Starting Block: 
We assign the first starting block according to the early receipt of payed registrations. If you are among the first 150 cyclists to have registered and transfered the entry fee, you will start in the first block.  

If more than 150 participants pay at the same time, receipt of your registration counts. 

Starting numbers 50 to 199: You are in the first starting block of the Stelvio Engadin route!
Starting numbers 3050 to 3199: You are in the first starting block of the Stelvio Vinschgau route! 

2nd and 3rd Starting Blocks:
You are not among the first 150 registrations, but you are an ambitious, competitive athlete and would like to start well in front? - Then simply state on  your registration that you would like to be in the second or third starting block! The assignment into the front starting blocks is on the basis of your targeted finishing time. The exact time limits for this are shown to you at registration. Your starting position, however, does not result in any specific advantages or disadvantages. We measure your net time at Dreiländergiro, in other words, the timekeeping only begins when you roll over the starting mats. The starting blocks should merely make the start somewhat smoother and reduce dangerouse passing manoeuvres. 



There are parking facilities at the valley station of Nauders mountain railway. From here it is less than two kilometres to the Dreiländergiro-Start-/finishing lines. 

For all finishers of the Dreiländergiro there is a high-quality finisher jersey. The distribution of the finisher jerseys will take place on Sunday until 18:00 and is located on the left side of the event tent (at the same place as the distribution of the starting numbers). Upon handing in your starting number you will receive your Dreiländergiro jersey in the size you ordered.

Size table:

Chest Circumference 96 100 104 108 113 118

Hip Circumference

76 80 84 88 92 96
Arm's length
(from neck seam)
35 36 37 38 39,5 40,7
Neck size 38 39 40 41 42 43
Zipper length 55 59 59 60 60 65


You have mistyped your name or forgot to indicate your club? Maybe you have lost or gained a few kilos and want to change your jersey size again?

Of course this can happen and that's why we want to make it easy for you to change your registration data.
Just go to our service page and select the menu item "Edit my booking data". You can change a lot of your login data there. As your starting place has been personalised for you, you cannot change your name. If you would like to give your starting place to another person, you will find all information about this in the next point "Passing on/transferring your starting place".

To make the changes, you need your "ticket code". Your ticket code consists of 10 letters and you can find it on the left side of your ticket under the QR code.

ATTENTION: You can only change your jersey size until 28.02.2022.

It's a shame that you are unable to take part in the Dreiländergiro. Unfortunately, a cancellation of your tickets is not possible. You can, howver, transfer your starting place, quite simple, to another person for an administration fee of 10€. To do this, call up our service page and select the menu item "Pass on my ticket". There you will receive a transfer code and instructions with which your successor can easily register. As soon as your transfer code has been redeemed, your ticket will expire and you will be deleted from the start list.

To transfer your starting place, you need your "ticket code". Your ticket code consists of 10 letters and you can find it on the left side of your ticket under the QR code.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Please note that you must not, in any event, pass on your starting place profitably. If you sell or auction your ticket at a price that does not solely cover the official participation fees, we must, unfortunately, cancel your registration and you may no longer take part in any future Dreiländergiro events. 

You have registered for one route but would now like to participate on another? No problem, as long as there are still free starting places on your newly chosen route!

To do this, simply call up our service page and select the menu item "Make a route change". If there are still starting places on your desired route, you can simply confirm the change of route online and a new ticket will be sent to you by e-mail. Your old ticket will lose its validity from this point on. A handling fee of € 10,- will be charged for the change of route. To change the route, you need your "ticket code". Your ticket code consists of 10 letters and can be found on the left side of your ticket under the QR code.

For those who are completely undecided: The same conditions apply for a "change back" to the original route - if there are still free starting places available, the change is possible in principle. The processing fee of € 10,- will be charged again.

Please note that an unannounced change of track during the event is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

On Saturday, the 25th June 2022 at 17:00, we will celebrate the opening of the Dreiländergiro.
Attendance at this event is highly recommended, as last minute changes will also be announced here and we will, once again, point out acute danger zones on the routes. With your registration, you confirmed, within the participant declaration, that you will take part in the route meeting. 

The official award ceremony takes place on Sunday the 26th June 2022 at 17:30 in the marquee.

As we would like to conclude the unique cycling event with the entire Dreiländergiro community, we would be delighted if you were to show sportsmanship by taking part in the award ceremony.

In case of non-attendance the prizes cannot be forwarded! However, we would be all the more happy to hand over your prize personally at the award ceremony. The following will be honoured: the 3 overall winners per route, the three fastest in each age-group, per route, the 3 cup winners*, as well as the five largest teams.


*Cup-evaluation: A combination of the Kaunertaler Gletscherkaiser and the Dreiländergiro route, Stelvio Vinschgau.

For your participation at the Dreiländergiro, you will receive a gross time, as well as a net time. In order to evaluate the giro winner, as well as the class winners, we set a uniform starting time for everyone, and thereby measure the „gross-time“ of each participant.

Would you still like to know your individual time, from the point from which you passed over the starting line to crossing the finishing line? This is recorded by your transponder in the starting number and displayed to you on the results list as „Net-Time“. 

For the time recording, you will receive a transponder, which you must return after the event. Should you fail to do this, we have to charge you 40€ for the starting number.

There are several control posts on the Stelvio Engadin route, as well as on the Stelvio Vinschgau route, which you have to pass. Should you not pass these posts, we have to exclude you from the evaluation.

The following age-group classifications apply for 2022 on both routes (Stelvio Engadin & Stelvio Vinschgau):


Ladies 1: Year of birth - 1972 & older
Ladies 2: Year of birth - 1973 to 1982
Ladies 3: Year of birth - 1983 to 1992
Ladies 4: Year of birth - 1992 & younger


Gentlemen 1: Year of birth - 1962 & older
Gentlemen 2: Year of birth - 1963 to 1972
Gentlemen 3: Year of birth - 1973 to 1982
Gentlemen 4: Year of birth - 1983 to 1992
Gentlemen 5: Year of birth - 1993 & younger


The latest transit times, approved by the police, are as follows:

…on the Stelvio Engadin route:      

  • Stilfserjoch at 12.00 
  • Ofenpass at 14.00 
  • Martina at 16.00 

… on the Stelvio Vinschgau route:

  • Stilfserjoch at 12:00
  • Laatsch at 14:00
  • St. Valentin at 16:00


Your safety comes first. Should you not reach the finishing line in Nauders by 17:00 at the latest, we will take your time, without exception, from the evaluation.

Your well-being at our cycling event is very important to us – that’s why masseurs and physiotherapists offer you professional massages on both days of the event.

Where & When? Saturday, 09:30 until 19:00 & Sunday, 12:00 until 17:00 at the marquee.

There are several refreshment stations along the route, at which you can replenish your strength.

Stelvio Vinschgau route:

  • Trafoi
  • Stilfserjoch
  • Laatsch
  • St.Valentin
  • Finish Area


Stelvio Engadin route:

  • Trafoi
  • Stilfserjoch
  • Santa Maria
  • Ofenpass
  • Zernez
  • Martina
  • Finish Area

Throughout the entire cycling marathon, road traffic regulations apply, which you must observe. There are no exceptions, which means normal road traffic regulations apply. In particular, the absolute left-hand driving ban, the compliance with traffic rules, the traffic light controls, as well as the instructions of road and route personnel must be observed. If you do not observe the rules of the road traffic act, you will, unfortunately, be disqualified and excluded from future Dreiländergiro-Events. In addition, any infringement will be prosecuted by the security authorities.

Dreiländergiro is a touring cycling event. There are, therefore, no road closures and oncoming traffic is to be expected throughout the entire cycling marathon. Grazing animals may also be on the route, so be extremely careful.

The organiser accepts no liability for accidents or damages. With your registration you accept the conditions of participation.


With your registration at Dreiländergiro you accept the following conditions:

The organiser is excluded from liability for any damages. If you come to harm in any way during your participation in the touring cycling event, there is no entitlement to compensation from the organiser, the resident communities, the owners of private roads or other representatives. You are insured, personally, for third-party liability.

With your registration you confirm that you are physically fit and have trained sufficiently for the cycling marathon. You also assure that your stated date of birth is correct. Yo may not change or pass on your starting number undisclosed to another participant.

In the event of adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events, we reserve the right to change or shorten the route. If the entire event has to be cancelled, we unfortunately cannot refund your entry fee.

The wearing of a helmet is compulsory for all participants.

Your bicycle must be equipped in accordance with legal safety standards for road traffic.

1.    The road traffic act must be observed without exception. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the event, as well as the relevant official measures.
2.    It is your duty to provide first-aid in the event of an accident. Failure to render assistance is an offence in accordance with the criminal code.
3.    Unclear parts of the route should be ridden on with caution.
4.    When descending, do not only accelerate, but also remain ready to brake.
5.    Defects should be rectified in clear spots away from the circuit.
6.    In bad weather, all participants must equip themselves appropriately – we are located in high Alpine terrain. 
7.    Taking short cuts on routes is prohibited.
8.    An undisclosed change of route is not permitted.
9.    The instructions of the event team, the safety bodies and the support vehicles must be followed without exception.
10.    Private support vehicles hinder the smooth flow of the cycling marathon and are, therefore, prohibited.
11.    Participants are asked not to discard any rubbish on the route.

Violation of these rules will lead to disqualification.

Any cycling enthusiast who has reached the age of 18 is eligible to participate. Younger participants require a written declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian. 

Are you already over 65 years old and would like to take part in the legendary cycling classic?
We look forward to your participation! Please bring a medical certificate and present it, without being asked, at the starting number collection point.