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The Dreiländergiro route converter

You don't have 3000 meters of altitude at your door and still want to join the Global Dreiländergiro? No problem - calculate your individual Dreiländergiro route now.

A whole team of experts, including cyclists, programmers and mathematicians, created the Dreiländergiro route converter for you. Based on over 70 GPX data, the Dreiländergiro routes have been meticulously analysed. The fact is - if you ride less metres in altitude, you have to ride a bit further. In order to compensate this difference as fairly as possible, the requirements of each segment of the track were checked and a relative average speed was calculated.

How it works:
Enter the number of vertical meters you plan to climb at the Global Dreiländergiro. The calculator will tell you how far you have to ride to meet the challenge of the Global Dreiländergiro and to be included in the Global Dreiländergiro ranking. Of course, the whole thing also works the other way round, by entering your planned distance in km - the computer will then show you the required altitude difference. For the distance Stelvio Engadin and Stelvio Vinschgau there is a different calculation for each.


For the 80 km category, no altitude metres are taken into account.

If your GPX file shows a ride of 80 km, you will be included in the evaluation. All participants in this category will be scored together and no distinction will be made according to altitude.

Track Calculator