Danger Zones 2019 & Route description

Because safety comes first!

Purpose and "Use" of the information about danger zones (2019)

The route is well signposted and our route posts are positioned at unclear or confusing points. You are, therefore, by no means, alone and do not have to know the route „by heart“. At certain points, however, particular care is required. Even though you may be in „Competitive Mode“, we ask you to ride cautiously. Road and priority rules must never be flouted. Dreiländergiro is a touring cycling event; that means the roads are not closed and normal traffic is to be expected. As with your training rides that means riding with care and caution. Coming up, we will point out some points on the route where particular care is important. We advise that the points mentioned do not claim to be comprehensive. There are, of course, numerous other points which present a certain degree of potential danger. The upcoming list of examples consists solely of distinctive points which we want to point out again.

Junction - in direction of Glurns (approx. km 27)

Traffic light crossing; turn right in the direction of Glurns.

Junction - in direction of Prad (approx. km 30)

Take a sharp left turn in the direction of Prad/Stilfserjoch

T-Junction at the SS38 in the direction of Stilfserjoch (approx. km 40)

Take a sharp right turn. Observe the stop/priority sign!

Junction - Umbrailpass (approx. km 65)

Turn right in the direction of "Switzerland" not "Bormio/Sondrio".

Roadworks at the Umbrail Pass

Roadworks on the Umbrail Pass
At the end of the Umbrail Pass, you can expect roadworks with gravel surfacing! Particular care is required here! From experience, your fingers are very cold and braking is difficult – bear this in mind during the entire descent and be ready to brake at any time!

Parting of the routes in Santa Maria (approx. km 78)

Speed must be significantly reduced at the parting!

Participants on the Stelvio Vinschgau route turn right – Caution – there is a bump on the ground here.

Participants on the Stelvio Engadin route ride past the junction for the Stelvio Vinschgau route, and continue straight on, then turn left.

We continue with the description of the Stelvio Vinschgau route. The description of the Stelvio Engadin route can be found further below.

The STELVIO VINSCHGAU route from Santa Maria:

Sharp left-hand bend at the parting!

Participants on the Stelvio Vinschgau route turn right in the direction of Münstertal. 
A sharp left-hand bend then follows before turning onto a farm track. There is also an obstacle on the ground here that we have covered up – but caution is still required!

Sharp right-handed bend - T - junction on the S28 Via Maistra (approx. km 79)

After a few metres on the farm track, make a turn to the right onto the Via Maistra S28.

Münster - Ride through the village

Due to roadworks at Münster you will not be guided on the road below the village. You follow the course of the road and continue through the village centre. CAUTION – the streets in the village are also very narrow and oncoming traffic is to be expected!

Turn-off to Laatsch (approx. km 89)

Crossing the SS51 onto the road to Laatsch.


T-Junction in the SS40

Shortly before the state border you enter the SS40 from the cycle path. Here the road is crossed - so again you have to be very careful and attentive!

STELVIO ENGADIN route from Santa Maria:

Sharp left-hand bend and narrow pass.

A sharp, left-hand bend follows immediately after the parting. At the T-junction with the S28 you cross the road. The roads after the parting are also very narrow and unclear – we ask you to be particularly careful here!

Unclear bends on the Ofen Pass (approx. 85-90)

There are some very unclear bends on the Ofen Pass. A complete left-hand side driving ban is also in operation here! The entire route is overseen by civilian police officers and traffic cadets – „Left-hand side riders“ will be noted and excluded from the evaluation.

Gallery in front of Zernez (approx. km 112) – SLOW DOWN!

At this point an extremely unclear right-hand bend follows! We ask you to reduce speed considerably here.

Junction S28 at the S27 (approx. km 113)

T-Junction of the S28 at the S27. Give way!

Junction Switzerland – Austria / „Martina“

Turn right in the direction of Austria. 13 more bends now await you, then that’s you at the finishing line! :)

Entrance to the Finishing Line – REDUCE SPEED!

At the finishing line, both routes merge together again. The participants* on the Engadin route approach from one side and those on the Vinschgau route from the other. In order to avoid collisions, it is vitally important to reduce speed significantly!

Ground surfacing & Roadworks

Obstacles on the route are to be expected at any time.

It is impossible to eliminate every obstacle, pothole etc. So ride carefully and be alert. Roadworks and temporary gravel surfacing are to be expected on both routes. There are 4 roadwork locations with traffic light controls on the Engadin route. Overriding on a red light is, of course, strictly prohibited!

Health and happiness at the finishing line!

That is certainly our aim for your Dreiländergiro-experience!

Dear Participants,
Ride with caution and pay attention, and, most of all, enjoy your Dreiländergiro! You are here with us because you love cycle racing and that is exactly why you should also spend a lovely day and arrive back at the finishing line healthy. If you ride with care and caution – as in your training rides – you are best prepared for a perfect day. Our team along the route will try to support you as much as possible. There is (almost) no procedure, though; (yes, exceptions confirm the rule). So, ride sensibly and enjoy your Dreiländergiro experience!