Tri-country tour

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The Tri-country tour is one of the largest wide wheel events in Europe!

The classic bike race in the Tri-country-region.

Over the last two decades, Nauders has established itself as an internationally recognised venue for racing highlights with the highest level of cycling. The Tri-country tour at the start of summer is one of the largest bike events in Europe - a bike spectacle that gets the wheels rolling.

In June 2020, Nauders will once again host the bike marathon like no other.

Participants can choose their torture:

Engadin Route, the standard route, leads across a demanding 168 km to 3,300 metres in height with 15% ascents from Nauders to Stilfserjoch, the Umbrail Pass and Ofen Pass back to Nauders

Vinschgau Route leads across Stilfserjoch, the Umbrail Pass to St. Maria and back to Nauders through upper Vinschgau. With a distance of 120 km and 2,675 m of climbs, this new route is also very challenging for the “Radl-Wadl”.

Participant numbers are limited to 1,500 for both routes. It is not possible to change routes after registration! Spectators will also get their money’s worth as the start and finish are both in Nauders: Bike athletes and fans will never forget this giant event.

Event location
Bikeclub Nauders
Kreuzgasse 94, 6543 Nauders
Nauders Tourismus
Dr.-Tschiggfrey-Str. 66, 6543 Nauders

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