Terms of use & Declaration of consent

Information brochure on general information, conditions of use and declaration of consent for the use of the digital evaluation system "Make your own Dreiländergiro Global"

1. General information:

The year 2021 is marked by general cancellations of major events. We had no other choice but to cancel the Dreiländergiro this year too. For this reason, we have developed a creative alternative programme, which offers each individual athlete the opportunity to use our digital Global Dreiländergiro 2021 evaluation system. As it is a digital evaluation system, we would like to point out that we have no influence on safety, route safety, weather conditions, the formation of random crowds and traffic volume. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to take care of his or her own safety, health and danger prevention individually, just like on a private bicycle tour. Due to the prohibition of crowds of people at major sporting events, we have expressly refrained from holding the Dreiländergiro this year. If, however, there are accidental gatherings of people or contradictory situations which are not permitted by law, everyone is responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure that the event is in conformity with the law and in accordance with the national regulations of the country concerned.  

2. terms of use:

a) The registration, the upload of the GPX file and the photo are also subject to the specification of certain data. The planned route, date and starting time are to be announced.

b) We have the unrestricted right to assign other dates and start times within the scope of this evaluation. In certain cases, we reserve the right to exclude certain persons completely from the use of the digital evaluation system.

c) Each person is responsible for taking the necessary steps to avoid random gatherings of people. Should it nevertheless come to accidental large gatherings of people, everyone must do everything in his/her power to avoid such gatherings, to establish the state of affairs in accordance with the law, as required in private life by the legislator of the respective country. As this is a global evaluation system, we would like to point out that each person must inform himself/herself and on his/her own responsibility about the national laws and regulations (road traffic regulations, safety regulations, Covid 19 laws and regulations) while using the digital evaluation system and must comply with them. No person can plead ignorance of the laws and regulations. Each person expressly acknowledges this. 

d) Disclaimer: We expressly point out that we do not accept any liability whatsoever for the conduct of individual persons and expressly exclude any liability. We are therefore not liable for accidents with damage to the person, health, life, consequential damage, claims for compensation by third parties, relatives, penalties imposed by the police and authorities of the respective country. As mentioned at the beginning, the use of the digital evaluation system has nothing to do with the behaviour of the respective private person, as this is the personal responsibility of the person, like in a privately conducted bike tour.

e) Note: The use of the digital evaluation system does not mean that any kind of (major) sporting event is carried out or offered.

f) Note: The use of the digital evaluation system is free of charge. Clearly, we do not take any measures which provide for individual support of the athletes (safety measures, weather warnings and route selection).

g) Note: Each athlete must take precautions for himself/herself in order not to endanger his/her health, life and safety. In the event of an accident, the athlete is responsible for requesting rescue and assistance or having it requested by third parties. The use of the digital evaluation system is not linked to any emergency call chain. Any liability in this context is expressly excluded.

h) Knowledge and understanding of the content: Due to the global provision of the digital evaluation system, it is expressly pointed out that this information brochure, the conditions of use and the declaration of consent are only provided in German and English. If the information brochure, the terms of use and the declaration of consent are needed in another language, each person must inform himself/herself and at his/her own responsibility about the content and meaning, and if necessary, commission a translator to fully understand the content in word and meaning. Therefore, nobody can claim ignorance of this document and derive liability or claim damages from it.

3. declaration of consent:

Every private person who uses the digital evaluation system expressly agrees to the general information and the terms of use. It acknowledges that no organised (large) cycling event is being organised here and that only a supporting digital evaluation of the cycling distance covered by a private person on his/her own initiative is being carried out. The user acknowledges this within the scope of registration after reading, acknowledging, accepting and confirming the reading.