GLOBAL Dreiländergiro

Your individual Dreiländergiro in 2020!

The whole cycling world is setting an international signal!
Exciting online workshops & events are waiting for you!
Spannende Online-Workshops & Veranstaltungen warten auf dich!

The Dreiländergiro takes place worldwide in 2020 - on your individual track.

Cycling never stops! And that's why the Dreiländergiro is still taking place in 2020, despite the cancellation due to Corona.

Starting place: The world

Ride the Dreiländergiro on June 28, 2020 on your individual track at your home town. The route is either identical to the original distance of the Dreiländergiro (168 km + 3300 Hm / 120 km + 3000 Hm) or corresponds as closely as possible to the original distance.  To plan your personal Dreiländergiro route, we have a converter that tells you exactly how long your route should be given the altitude you plan to cover. Based on your GPX data we will evaluate your Global Dreiländergiro and there will be an official result list. You'll also receivea certificate and even a "finisher photo" ;)
Registration for the Global Dreiländergiro starts on 12.06.2020. Participation is free.

The Global Dreiländergiro 2020 should  be your highlight - even in this somewhat unusual cycling season. We aim to provide a training goal for you and motivate you to connect with the community. With the "Girodays" we achieved to offer a week full of cycling in the last years and athletes from all over the world have celebrated cycling together! We don't want to miss this great gathering and that's why the Girodays will also be available digitally! Many exciting webinars, online workshops and digital get-togethers are waiting for you! There will be a lot of input, especially on topics such as training and nutrition, including enough time to ask questions and connect!

Here's how it works:

You can register for your Global Dreiländergiro 2020 until 26 June, 2020. Anyone worldwide can take part. This year you'll choose the starting line yourself. Still your track should meet the requirements of the Dreiländergiro. We have developed a special converter for this purpose, which tells you how many kilometres you should ride at your planned altitude (or vice versa). On Sunday, June 28, 2020 you will ride your individual route and track it with your bike computer or tracking app. You will then upload the GPX file of your ride on our website and (if you have registered in advance) appear in the results list shortly after. You can download your well earned certificate and, if you have uploaded a photo, also a "finisher photo" which includes the details of your Global Dreiländergiro ride. Participation is free of charge.

Be part of the first Global Dreiländergiro! >> Click here to register

Registration for the Global Dreiländergiro 2020 is open until June 26, 2020. The registration is online and free of charge. You will also receive a "starting number" with your registration. Please note down your starting number because you will give it when uploading your GPX file so that we can assign your time to your data.

Now it's your turn >> Click here to register


Choose your Dreiländergiro route in your home town. You can participate for the Stelivo Engadin track as well as for the Stelvio Vinschgau track. You don't have 3000 meters of altitude at your door?  No problem - we have developed a converter for you, which adapts your route to the requirements of the Dreiländergiro and suggests a relative length (available for both tracks).

For further planning, apps and software for route planning can also help. Frederik Böna, participant of the Dreiländergiro and ultracyclist, has taken a closer look at the "Kamoot" app and is offering a webinar to explain how you can plan your route with the app.

Tip: If you are not able to plan your route very precisely, then play it safe and better ride a little too far than too short. Don't worry if you end up cycling and tracking "too many" kilometres. Our evaluation system will cut your GPX file at the point where you have reached the requirements of the Dreiländergiro track according to our conversion system. Also take into account that the recording of your bike computer may differ from the kilometer data of your planning. Therefor we recommend to choose a route where you can add a few more kilometers at the end if you have not yet reached your destination.

Info about the original route: The organizers expressly advise against participation on the original tracks, as this can lead to crowds of people. In case too many participants want to ride on the original tracks, the organizer reserves the right to exclude them from the evaluation.

On Sunday, 28.06.2020, hundreds of cycling enthusiasts will hop on their bikes and compete all over the world for the Global Dreiländergiro 2020. You choose the starting line and the starting time yourself. It is important that you meet the minimum requirements of the route (see point 2). For the evaluation you track your personal Global Dreiländergiro ride with your bike computer or tracking app. After you have finished, you upload your GPX file and will be included in the ranking. You must have uploaded your GPX file by 11:59 pm . The upload is done here on the website and will be easy to find. You will also receive an e-mail with the exact link in advance.

Here's what you should have ready for your upload:

  • The GPX file of your ride from Sunday 28.06.2020
  • Your start number, which you can find on your ticket
  • A photo of your ride (optional)


Of course there is also a results list! After all, your performance should be visible and honored. The ranking is arranged according to the finisher times. There are no age categories, but there are differences according to the track (Stelvio Engadin; Stelvio Vinschgau) and gender. The Global Dreiländergiro 2020 will not show the ranks. Since we cannot check your individual rides and there is no official timekeeping, it would not be fair to assign ranks. Being there is everything!

Everyone who masters the challenge of the Global Dreiländergiro has shown what they are capable of and deserves a big pat on the back!

Shortly after you have uploaded your GPX file, you will appear in the results list. Right next to your result you will find a symbol for downloading your certificate. When uploading your GPX file, you also have the possibility to upload a photo of yourself at your Global Dreiländergiro. If you upload a photo, we will attach all your participation data to it and you will receive a nice "finisher photo" with details of your track and time. You will also find your finisher photo in the results list next to the link to your certificate, you can download it and share it with your friends!

Important: With your registration you agree that your photo (if you upload one) may be used by us for the website and our social media channels. If you do not want this, please send an email with explicit reference to this to:

You might discover some athletes wearing the Dreiländergiro 2020 jersey or a Dreiländergiro BikeCap. Whoever wears such an accessory is recognized as one of the "Dreiländergiro superheroes & supporters". As part of the reimbursement/transfer of tickets for the Dreiländergiro 2020, there was an opportunity to donate the entry fee. Numerous participants decided to support us with a contribution.
We would like to thank all superheroes and supporters from the bottom of our hearts and are immensely proud to see all the jersey & bike wearers on 28 June!

If you also want to support us, send a mail to



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