We stick together!

All information about the Dreiländergiro in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the Dreiländergiro and the Girodays 2020 cannot take place.

We are more than sad to reach out to you with such bad news. The progressive effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in recent days have already given rise to assume the worst. Today, the Austrian Federal Government has published a ban on events until the end of June. This also leads to the unfortunate conclusion that the Dreiländergiro 2020 cannot take place in Nauders. We were very much looking forward to celebrating the 27th edition of the Dreiländergiro with you and we promise that we will do our best to make sure that we can still come together and connect digitally.

The cancellation of the Dreiländergiro gave us a lot to think about and brought us back to the meaning of this longstanding event. The intention of the Girodays has always been to bring together enthusiastic cyclists from all over the world. The cancellation of the Dreiländergiro won’t stop us from pursuing this mission. Especially in these difficult times it is all the more important to keep doing sports and stay in motion. We also want to thank you for the many positive messages and for all your understanding! There are still a few organizational questions left unanswered, which we will clarify in the next few days. Of course we will keep you informed. However, it was important for us to inform you straight away about the legal governmental decision.

FAQ: The answers to your most asked questions

Yes, unfortunately we too had to cancel the Dreiländergiro in its usual form due to the official order for a general ban on events until the end of August. But we are currently putting all our capacities into preparing the virtual Dreiländergiro 2020. So we will get connected on June 28th to celbrate the world of cycling - no matter what the distance. We will send you detailed information about this via e-mail, our Facebook page and our Instagram channel.

On April 6th 2020 the Austrian government issued a ban on events until the end of June. The ban on events is intended to further contain the Covid-19 virus and to ensure a slow spread. As difficult as the cancellation of the Dreiländergiro has been for us, we support this decision. Your health, as well as the health of our volunteers is our highest priority.


From May 18th on you can apply for a refund of your registration fee or transfer your starting place to the next year. The transfer of your starting place is absolutely free of charge. For the refunds we have taken the liberty of withholding an amount of € 10,- for services and costs that already incurred. We thank you for your understanding and will be happy to answer any questions. If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you are welcome to contact us by email with a short explanation and we will refund you the full amount. This goodwill offer is based on trust and we hope that this will only be taken up by those actually affected.

How will the reimbursement / transfer of the starting place work?

On May 18th, 2020 we will activate the online form for a refund and transfer of starting places. Afterwards you have can apply for a refund or to transfer your starting place until the actual date of the event, June 28, 2020. For both options there will also be the possibility to donate voluntarily.

  1.    Choose the option whether you want to transfer your starting place or if you prefer to reclaim your starting fee
  2.     Choose if and how much you want to donate (voluntary option)
  3.     In case of a transfer: Check/edit your registration data in the online form >> You will receive your ticket 2021 ?
  4.     In case of a refund: Fill in the online refund form >> In a few days you will receive the amount on your chosen account ?
  5.     If you have chosen a donation option, your goodie pack will arrive latest by 28.06.



Originally the start of the online form was planned for May 11th We apologize to you for the delay. Also our partners, among others those responsible for programming, were unfortunately not spared by the Corona crisis and despite closed offices, short-time work and much more, did everything in their power to provide you with the new service as soon as possible. We are sorry that this will not be on May 11th We ask for your understanding that the delay is only caused by the fact that we really sincerely try to offer you the best possible solution and to include your wishes and suggestions.

The Dreiländergiro-Community sticks together - in good and bad times! The current time is probably one of the more difficult ones, therefore we have to live the cohesion all the more and hope that you will support us with your understanding!

Yes! There will be a Dreiländergiro jersey 2020! You will definitely have the possibility to expand your collection of Dreiländergiro jerseys (or start with your collection ? ). Of course this won't be a conventional "finisher jersey", but a "for better or worse" jersey, which symbolizes that we stick together even in these challenging days. The jersey will be given to every participant who decides to donate the entry fee of 2020 and renounces a refund or transfers their starting place for a regular early bird price of € 79,90.

The details and design of the "For better or worse" jersey will be revealed on May 11th.

We look forward to recognize some of the Dreiländergiro superheroes by the jersey at the starting line in 2021!


All of you have already made a great contribution with your understanding, your patience and above all with the numerous positive messages to us. If you would like to support us financially, we would be happy if you decide to donate your entry fee or a part of it. This option will be available in the online form of the refund/starting place transfer and all donators will of course be rewarded with a jersey or other goodies (in case of partial donation)!

We can all contribute to the containment of the Corona virus by avoiding physical contact as far as possible.
If you would like to support us in encouraging and motivating our community to stay at home, please join our #stayhomechallenge. Our community is currently uploading pictures of their activities at home to Facebook or Instagram, using #stayhomechallenge and marked and @dreilaendergiro.

Yes! the Dreiländergiro 2021 will traditionally take place on the last weekend of June. In 2021 that will be the 27th of June. We are looking forward to meet you there again!