We stick together!

The unfortunate reality - The 2021 Dreiländergiro cannot take place on site in Nauders

The decision to cancel the Dreiländergiro for a second time was anything but easy.

We have summarised the many complex reasons for this decision in the FAQ section below as well as in our detailed statement. You can also find our video message about the cancellation on this page. We certainly didn't take this serious decision lightly. We have been dealing with this issue for weeks and months.

Numerous experts, as well as the official authorities, have informed and advised us as much as possible. Their predictions were sobering. From all the information and opinions available to us, we have come to a joint decision.
We thank you for your understanding!
Your Dreiländergiro Team

The answers to your most important questions

The cancellation of the Dreiländergiro in Nauders was anything but easy for us from an emotional point of view. Rationally, however, there was no other choice due to numerous aspects. We have summarized these reasons for you in a detailed statement. But here is the short version for you at a glance:


  • Permits: At the current time it is not possible for the authorities to issue a permit to hold the Dreiländergiro. A forecast of when the official GO for our event will be given is also pending (estimated 2 weeks before the event weekend, among others).
  • The required lead time: Unfortunately, such a short-term preparation is not feasible due to the required organizational lead time. For an event of this magnitude, perfect organization is everything - firstly because you deserve a great experience, but also to ensure the necessary safety.
  • The matter of finances: Keeping the preparations going despite the uncertainty would be absolutely fine for us internally and we would gladly accept it, but there are massive financial expenses involved. In case of a cancellation at short notice, this would mean that we would not have the necessary means to refund your entry fee. Another point is the future of the Dreiländergiro and the BikeClub Nauders would be endangered.
  • Entry Requirements & Accommodations: Almost 90% of our group of participants travels from abroad. 39 nations to be exact. To estimate the travel restrictions of all these countries for June is impossible. Imagine that the Dreiländergiro takes place, but you are not allowed to participate because your place of residence is located in a risk area. That would be an absolute no-go not only for you, but also for us. Furthermore, at this point in time it is still unclear whether (enough) accommodations are open to offer you all a bed.
  • Safety: By this we do not only refer to the potential risk of infection. Apart from the necessary Covid safety measures, an event of this magnitude should and must be perfectly organized to guarantee a safe journey for all participants. If all measures are only announced at short notice, improvisation talent is required. When it comes to safety, however, it is important for us to rely on good preparation rather than haphazard spontaneous solutions.

The current situation unfortunately indicates that we will not be able to provide you the safe and beautiful experience we promised you. We therefore hope for your understanding and promise to use all our resources to offer you the most spectacular Dreiländergiro comeback ever in 2022!

Oh yes! We are immediately starting to prepare for the 2nd Global Dreiländergiro. On June 27th we will, like every year, set a sign for cycling and connect with you - no matter which distance. Therefore, we have to train hard to face the challenge of the Dreiländergiro together on the last weekend in June! We will send you detailed information as usual by email, as well as via our Facebook page and our Instagram channel.

Oh yes! We are immediately starting to prepare for the 2nd Global Dreiländergiro. On June 27th we will, like every year, set a sign for cycling and connect with you - no matter which distance. Therefore, we have to train hard to face the challenge of the Dreiländergiro together on the last weekend in June! We will send you detailed information as usual by email, as well as via our Facebook page and our Instagram channel.

This year we will of course again allow all participants to transfer their entry or apply for a refund. This also applies to tickets that have already been transferred (i.e. if you have transferred your ticket for 2020 to the 2021 edition, you can also have this ticket transferred again or apply for a refund). We reserve the right to retain a small fee (max. 10 - 15 €) for services and costs already incurred in order to ensure the continuation of the event. But don't worry, should you also have to deal with financial difficulties, especially in this tough situation, there is definitely the possibility of a full refund!

The entry transfer/refund will be done online. In both cases it is necessary to fill out the online form. We have deliberately designed the form to be uncomplicated so that you do not have to do anything extra.

We would never have thought that we may ever have to include such a question in our FAQs. We are really sorry that the Dreiländergiro is cancelled for you for a second time and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty! And therefore - YES, in any case, this right (especially) applies to you!

With an automatic transfer we would lose sight of how many participants really want to start in 2022 and thus deprive many interested people of the chance to get their entry spot. In addition, we would like to offer the possibility of a refund and let you decide for yourself whether you want to start next year (of course, we very much hope to finally be able to welcome you (again) on site!!! 😊

But don't worry, the submission form for the entry will only take a few minutes. Your data will be transferred automatically and it is sufficient if you confirm them. If, for example, your club/team or your jersey size has changed, you can of course make these changes.

Yes, there will be a Dreiländergiro Jersey 2021! As usual, we love to give you the possibility to extend (or start 😉) your Dreiländergiro jersey collection. Of course, this will not be a conventional "finisher jersey", but the second jersey from the series "For better or worse", symbolizing that we stick together even in these challenging days. The jersey will be given to every participant who decides to donate the entry fee from 2020 and forgo a refund or transfer the entry place to next year at the 2019 early bird price of € 79,90.

We will publish the details and the design of the "For better or worse" jersey as soon as possible (but at the latest in the 2nd week of May).

We look forward to recognizing the infinite number of Dreiländergiro superheroes on their jerseys at the start line in 2022!

Of course, we have also checked this possibility. As much as we would have liked to make a Dreiländergiro possible for you this year, this was unfortunately not possible due to numerous and diverse factors:

  • Solidarity among organizers: We also want to show solidarity to the many organizers of the late-summer and fall events. It is important that we are considerate of each other in order to enable even smaller events to be held successfully and to have a full field of participants.
  • Official permits & event bans: The permit process for the Dreiländergiro is very complicated due to the tri-border situation and the respective permits are handed out at very short notice. In these unsteady times, the risk would be too high to receive a rejection of the applications shortly before the alternative date. In addition, in these unpredictable times, the uncertainty remains when and in what form large events will be possible again in 2021.
  • The treacherous autumn weather: 2757 meters above sea level - you've got to get up there, and at these altitudes, a chilly wind may blow in fall. Snowfall is also nothing unusual for this time of year and would once again force us to cancel the event.
  • The privilege of tradition: The returning participants in the starting field are familiar with this privilege - even before the date for the following year is published, they know - the Dreiländergiro will take place on the last weekend in June. The traditional date not only creates convenience for participants and partners, it also ensures a fixed date in the calendar. The attempt to secure an event over one of the most legendary alpine passes in the world has its challenges. The Stelvio is heavily booked and foreign events in particular have a hard time getting preference. The fact that the Dreiländergiro is so firmly established in the racing calendar of three countries is owed in particular to the tradition that has been built up over many years. To risk this privilege and the perfect date for a still uncertain alternative date is particularly difficult for us considering the points mentioned above.

All these factors have led to the decision that we refrain from an alternative date. We want to avoid raising your hopes and our organizational efforts once again and then unfortunately having to cancel it in the end. The more advanced the preparation of the event is at the time of a cancellation, the higher the financial risk that comes along with it. We do not want to burden you financially in case of a cancellation, nor do we want to put the continuation of the event in danger. After careful consideration and weighing up all the risk factors, we have therefore decided that the Dreiländergiro will not take place again until 2021. We thank you for your understanding!


Yes! The Dreiländergiro 2022 will probably take place in the traditional way on June's last weekend. In 2022 this will be the 26th of June. We are looking forward to seeing you there again!

The biggest help for us is currently your understanding. We apologize for the fact that we do not yet have concrete information for you in all matters. Within the next days and weeks, we will clarify the most important open questions and inform you as soon as possible. Until then, we thank you for your patience and understanding! We are also very happy about the numerous motivated messages we receive!

We will again offer our donation goodie bags in 2021. All information about this will follow and will be communicated to you by email, as well as through our social media channels.